A Money Smart Week event: The partnering of students, faculty, library, and surrounding community

Marina Lee Narvaez


Money Smart Week (MSW)1 is a time when public organizations join forces with financial innovators to share information on becoming economically healthy. Designed for people of all demographics and socioeconomic levels, the events are free and strictly informative. Public libraries are excellent locations to hold such events, but how does this translate into academic libraries? After all, their primary users have already signaled they are ready and willing to invest in their future. Furthermore, how can a business librarian team up with her College of Business (COB) to supplement library programing? The marriage seems so obvious, right? Serving as the liaison to the COB has provided me the opportunity to support our business-minded individuals and help them materialize visions into growth. Their progress becomes a part of both the library’s and COB faculty’s success stories.

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Copyright Marina Lee Narvaez

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