Balancing influence in a shifting scholarly communication landscape: Creating library-owned, community-aligned infrastructure through individual, local, and community action

Sarah Wipperman, Shawn Martin, Chealsye Bowley


With the acquisition and creation of scholarly communication platforms/infrastructure by major commercial entities, the balance of influence continues to shift. The ACRL/SPARC Forum at the 2018 ALA Midwinter Meeting brought together library stakeholders for a conversation about how the library community can reassert its influence to shape the open access publishing landscape. Panelists focused on 1) Individual action: “What can one person do?” 2) Local coordinated action: “How can one group or institution effect change?” and 3) Collective action: “How can libraries work together to provide sustainable alternatives?”1

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Copyright Sarah Wipperman, Shawn Martin, Chealsye Bowley

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