What’s behind OA2020? Accelerating the transition to open access with introspection and repurposing funds

Rachael Samberg, Richard A. Schneider, Anneliese Taylor, Michael Wolfe


In 2017, four University of California (UC) campuses took a public stance on accelerating the transition to open access (OA) by endorsing the Open Access 2020 (OA2020) initiative’s Expression of Interest (EOI). OA2020 is an international effort to convert the existing corpus of scholarly journals from subscription-based access to OA. In March 2017, when the first three UC campuses—UC-Berkeley, UC-Davis, and UC-San Francisco—endorsed,1,2 there had been only one U.S. signatory institution (California State University-Northridge, having endorsed in July 2016). Six months later in September 2017, another UC campus, Merced, added its affirmation. As of this writing, these five California universities remain the only OA2020 EOI signatories from the United States.3

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Copyright Rachael Samberg, Richard A. Schneider, Anneliese Taylor, Michael Wolfe

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