New academic library leader discussion series: Part one

Amanda Clay Powers, Martin Garnar, Dustin Fife


Amanda Clay Powers (ACP), Martin Garnar (MG), and Dustin Fife (DF) are all relatively new library deans or directors. This series is their attempt to discuss the process of moving to a new library and becoming more than just a new manager, but truly a leader. This will be broken into three parts, looking mostly at their first year. The first article will focus on how Powers, Garnar, and Fife ended up where they are now. It will talk about the process of applying for the job, being interviewed, and interviewing their prospective employers at the same time. The second part will focus on getting started, working with a new team, and adjusting to a new institution. The third part will be the most introspective. The authors will discuss obstacles, mistakes, failures, and successes. They believe this open and honest conversation is essential to help prepare future library deans, directors, and leaders.

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Copyright Amanda Clay Powers, Martin Garnar, Dustin Fife

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