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Current Issue: July/August 2019

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Eldermire et al.

Repackaging library workshops into disciplinary bootcamps

Creating graduate student success

Science Immersion LCD promotional slide.

Academic libraries typically offer short, stand-alone workshops focused on specific topics. These might be 60- to 120-minute sessions on topics such as an introduction to citation management software, text analysis, 3-D printing, or systematic ...


Brian Vetruba

New Directions for Libraries, Scholars, and Partnerships

North American librarians’ symposium in Europe provide forums to share, collaborate, and learn

Welcome by Ute Schwens, director of the German National Library.

One hundred twenty librarians and information professionals from ten countries descended on Frankfurt am Main, Germany, on October 13, 2017, for a day of networking ...

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Bigelow and Berube

Staying at the heart of the institution

The small college library as an event space

A group successfully completes the escape room activity. Director Susan Hansen as the “Mad Librarian” is in the background shaking her fist.

Libraries at small colleges, especially colleges with a nontraditional student population, face an uphill struggle to remain relevant in the life of the institution. Students at colleges like these tend to be adults who are already ...


Peter Bremer

Reflecting on student mental health

Creating a meditation room in a small college library

Student using the Briggs Library meditation room.Student using the Briggs Library meditation room.

There was a time when meditation, mindfulness, and massage were often seen as luxuries or the domain of granola-eating eccentrics. Now such activities have moved into the mainstream and are embraced by millions of Americans. Data analyzed ...

Scholarly Communication

Karen Munro

Renewing the system

Thinking broadly about equity, diversity, and inclusion in scholarly communication

The ACRL Board of Directors recently articulated a new core commitment of our strategic plan, the Plan for Excellence. Along with the association’s core purpose, “[t]o lead academic and research librarians and libraries in advancing learning and scholarship,” and our core organizational values, which include visionary leadership, responsible stewardship of resources, and the values of higher education and intellectual freedom, we have made an explicit commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI).

As part of this commitment, we undertake to ...


Wagner and Cho

24/7 Study

Conducting a focus to improve services

Focus group notes.

Many of us remember our own experiences with final exams during our college years: certain determination tinged with jitters, endless cups of coffee, and the lamp light illuminating the desk throughout the night. Final exams account for ...