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Current Issue: September 2023

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Firouzeh Rismiller et al.

Going beyond the source

A revised curriculum for source evaluation

Figure 1: Source + Beyond the Source Graphic.

The DePaul University Library has a longstanding relationship with the First-Year Writing Program to provide ...


Sarah K. Tribelhorn

Planning for sustainability

Articulating efforts toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Figure 2. Poster illustrating how the SDSU Library is working toward Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals of the UN SDGs.

Sustainability is a vital component of the new San Diego State University (SDSU) Library strategic plan, especially in Goal 2: Resilience: Designed to Thrive. This goal details how the University Library will promote sustainable practices ...

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Alice Pearman

Making sense of what you have

Developing a collection assessment program

Table 1. Assessment Methods.

For the second half of 2022, I had the privilege of taking a six-month sabbatical to develop a collection assessment plan for the Lamson Library at Plymouth State ...

Academic Library Workers in Conversation

Lauren Bennati, Abigail Phillips

Seeking connection over competition

A discussion of LIS education during the pandemic

Academic Library Workers in Conversation is a bimonthly C&RL News series focused on elevating the everyday conversations of library professionals. The wisdom of the watercooler has long been heralded, but this series hopes to go further by minimizing barriers to traditional publishing with an accessible format. Each of the topics in the series were proposed by the authors and they were given space to explore. We encourage you to follow and share these conversations about transforming libraries with ideas from the frontlines. This issue’s conversation addresses being an MLIS student ...

The Way I See It

Helene Gold

Lessons from the flames

Leadership and resilience

Late in 2022, I submitted an essay to C&RL News on how my leadership skills and abilities have evolved since the publication of my 2016 article “At least you didn’t burn the place down: Leadership isn’t for everyone.” I explained how personal growth combined with the confluence of timing and institutional support provided me with a unique leadership opportunity to serve as the library’s interim co-dean and then as the library’s association dean of academic engagement at New College of Florida, a public liberal art honors college. Since its submission, my now-former employer has been thrown into chaos as the result of a hostile political takeover. The college president and other administrators ...


Megan Welsh, Courtney McDonald, Jennifer E. Knievel

Celebration vitae

Your CV and you

The “curriculum vitae”—the written history of all your accomplishments and accolades, otherwise known as the CV—may be the most critical piece of academic documentation of your career (besides those degrees hanging on your wall that is).

What is so important about the CV? Why do you need one? The CV is a key part of the application process when you search for any academic library position. It functions as a “ticket of entry,” outlining education, experiences, and qualifications that make you an acceptable candidate. Likewise, as you progress in your career, it tracks positions you have held, your scholarly presence in the field ...