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Current Issue: October 2020

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Guarnieri, Kry, and Porter-Fyke

The eyes have it

Using eye-tracking to evaluate a library website

Aggregate gaze plot of all test participants.

When Western New England University announced its intentions to switch over its entire website from a legacy homegrown system to a brand new CMS, we were faced with moving all content on the library’s website from one platform to another ...


Bongiovanni et al.

From Golden to Xuzhou

Teaching a graduate student workshop in China

Workshop attendees during breakout activity.

In late spring 2019, eight staff members from the Colorado School of Mines (Mines) Arthur Lakes Library, in Golden, Colorado, visited the China University of Mining and Technology (CUMT) in Xuzhou, China. The trip was intended to develop ...

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Sharun and Smith

Educational development partnerships and practices

Helping librarians move beyond the one-shot

Diagram illustrating three interconnected domains of digital literacy involving procedural and technical, cognitive, and sociocultural knowledge, skills, and attributes.

Given the current, widespread concern about “fake news” and information disorder, those working in post-secondary contexts have recognized a pressing need to develop students’ digital literacy (DL). ...


Tomlinson and Leebaw


Middle management during the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has uprooted all of our lives in varied and numerous ways. In academic libraries, we are living in ambiguity and uncertainty, while trying to plan for what seems like an ever changing “pivot” as our institutions’ plans fluctuate by the day. Library staff at all levels must engage in continuous scenario planning, both in their jobs and in their personal lives. We wonder, when will our campuses reopen, or if they are open, we wonder if they will shut back down. We try to weigh the importance of our services with the risks to our staff and our patrons.

Perhaps hardest of all, we often lack control over the decisions ...


Elizabeth Hobart

Antiracism in the catalog

An analysis of records

As people seek to learn more about race, bookstores have begun selling out of books on antiracism. These titles are, of course, also available in libraries, but can be difficult to locate in the catalog. Patrons will be able to find them through known title searches, but the catalog should go beyond this.

The first user task in the “Library Reference Model” is to find, defined as “to bring together information about one or more resources of interest by searching on any relevant criteria.” Ideally, a patron should be able to search terms such as racism or antiracism in the library’s catalog and find a comprehensive list of titles on the topic or start with a known title ...

The Way I See It

Hulbert, Smith, and Fife

Activating agency in the time of COVID-19

Cultivating relationships for resilience

Trust is hard to come by during a pandemic. In times like these, how do we flatten the hierarchical curve in higher education? Like other colleges across the nation, Western Colorado University grappled with how to prepare for an uncertain fall semester in response to COVID-19. We are a triad of colleagues from a small, state-funded institution on the Western Slope of Colorado with varied institutional roles: an associate vice president for academic affairs, a director of library services and online education, and a program coordinator for first-year seminar (FYS) and the Writing Center. We come to the table with a shared belief that a 21st-century liberal arts ...