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Current Issue: June 2019

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Wagner and Cho

24/7 Study

Conducting a focus to improve services

Focus group notes.

Many of us remember our own experiences with final exams during our college years: certain determination tinged with jitters, endless cups of coffee, and the lamp light illuminating the desk throughout the night. Final exams account for ...


Levitan and Rosenstein

Sustainability in the first-year experience

Taking library orientation online

2018 orientation survey results.

Since 2012, Pace University in New York City has used a library scavenger hunt for the required library orientation for first-year undergraduates. As detailed in a 2013 article in C&RL News, the scavenger hunt replaced library tours and classroom sessions as undergraduate enrollment ...

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Ariel Hammond

Striding towards an institutional repository

Managing staff publications at San Diego Zoo Global

Display of SDZG staff publication.

The long, rich, history of staff publications at San Diego Zoo Global (SDZG)is a point of institutional pride. As such, a question like “What has San Diego Zoo Global published on [insert species]?” seems so simple and reasonable, and yet it’s proven one of the hardest for us at the SDZG Library to answer. ...


Blas et al.

Empowering collaborations and creating brave spaces

People of Color in Library and Information Science Summit

People of Color in LIS keynote activity.

The William H. Hannon Library at Loyola Marymount University (LMU) in Los Angeles, California, held the first People of Color in Library and Information Science (POC in LIS) Summit on July 13, 2018. ...


Peter Bremer

Reflecting on student mental health

Creating a meditation room in a small college library

Student using the Briggs Library meditation room.Student using the Briggs Library meditation room.

There was a time when meditation, mindfulness, and massage were often seen as luxuries or the domain of granola-eating eccentrics. Now such activities have moved into the mainstream and are embraced by millions of Americans. Data analyzed ...


McCann and Peacock

Be an ally for accessibility

Tips for all librarians

Screenshot of the WAVE browser extension.

Accessibility is a concern for librarians in digital as well as physical spaces, and we have a responsibility to uphold the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). However, regardless of legal requirements, librarians endeavour to make content available to everyone. People with disabilities are no exception. ...