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Current Issue: October 2021

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Puzier and O’Brien

No Pets on Zoom

Learning to apply parliamentary procedure in virtual meetings

L. Puzier, 2020, No Pets on Zoom: Parliamentary Procedure Program marketing image [digital image]. UAlbany Libraries.

Last fall, as we acclimated to remote work for the foreseeable future, the University at Albany Libraries faculty had an important matter to settle. A lively discussion ensued over Zoom as we took turns raising virtual hands. ...


Mihram and Miller

USC Illuminated Medieval Manuscripts

A second polymathic multimodal digital project

Book of hours, use of Rome, Northern France, and/or Bruges (between 1460 and 1470).

The University of Southern California (USC) Libraries’ collection of Illuminated Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts, Incunabula, and Rare Books includes 16 unique and invaluable illuminated ...

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Scholarly Communication

Hoffner et al.

The Open Axis video game

Using gamification for learning and Open Access Week

Figure 2. Screenshot of Flowlab minigame.

International Open Access (OA) Week inspires us to pause and reflect on the growth and development of OA programming around the world, as well as consider its evolution at our own institution. The occasion highlights ...

Perspectives on the Framework

Douglas, Deal, and Hernandez

Valuing the everyday

Using experiential scenarios to evaluate information

The University of Houston’s (UH) student body is one of the most diverse in the nation, and first-year writing courses are where the UH Libraries Instruction Team teach students early in their academic careers.

These students bring a wealth of lived experience to the classroom that our team sought to include in a lesson on critically evaluating information. We developed everyday information-seeking scenarios to discuss the contextual nature of information use and the concept of information appropriateness and fit. By drawing on the Authority is Constructed and Contextual ...


Rubin and Lechtenberg

Teach your meetings well

Backward design for better virtual meetings

As COVID-19 continues to influence the ways in which academic libraries serve faculty and students, so too does it impact the internal communications, planning, and processes of library teams. As libraries adapt to fully remote or hybrid staffing arrangements, meetings have shifted to platforms such as Zoom, WebEx, and Microsoft Teams. Flexible work arrangements, in which some staff may be onsite while others are dispersed, are likely to persist even as campuses return to more face-to-face operations. Leading effective meetings in person is a learned skill, one that can be adapted to the remote environment with some help from best practices in digital pedagogy ...

ACRL TechConnect

Vincent F. Scalfani

Using the Linux operating system full-time

Tips and experiences from a subject liaison librarian

About a year ago, I requested and received a university libraries issued Ubuntu Linux computer. Ubuntu is a popular open-source GNU/Linux operating system. Since then, I have used Linux every day for all of my liaison librarianship duties, professional service, and scholarship.

Before switching to Linux, I mainly used Microsoft Windows. I occasionally tried Linux, but never thought I could use Linux as my main operating system, especially for all of my academic work. I always thought that there were too many software packages I needed that were not available on Linux or that being on a different ...