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Current Issue: November 2020

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Frye et al.

Continuing a love affair after a separation

Ways to promote books for World Book and Copyright Day

Leanne Nay talking and designing with a community member, photographed by Ashley Hosbach.

Perhaps for the first time since the founding of American libraries, most librarians were divorced from their physical collections as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although college ...


Jennifer Kirk

What is in those compact shelves?

Auditing and quantifying a government documents collection

The government information collection in compact shelving at Utah State Univeristy Libraries.

As academic libraries evolve, the complexity and breadth of federal government documents collections pose challenges to librarians. These materials are often shelved under the Superintendent ...

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ACRL TechConnect

Guarnieri, Kry, and Porter-Fyke

The eyes have it

Using eye-tracking to evaluate a library website

Aggregate gaze plot of all test participants.

When Western New England University announced its intentions to switch over its entire website from a legacy homegrown system to a brand new CMS, we were faced with moving all content on the library’s website from one platform to another ...


Elrod and Kester

Diverse BookFinder

BIPOC collection development for children’s and young adult collections

The Education Library at the University of Florida (UF) supports the teaching, research, and learning needs of the College of Education (COE), including early childhood education, elementary education, English education, ESOL/bilingual education, and reading and literacy education programs.

As a support to preservice teachers, students, and researchers, the Education Library has a robust children’s and young adult (YA) collection. This collection consists of approximately 13,000 titles appropriate for preK–12th grade. It also supports several children’s and YA literature courses that require ...


Hudson-Vitale and Waltz

Caring for our colleagues

Wellness and support strategies for remote library teams

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed many challenges for academic and research libraries and those working within them. Nearly everything that we do has been questioned and re-envisioned, and our days are filled with new work, uncertainty, and isolation. Because of this, one of the areas that library leaders must invest in re-envisioning is how we can best support the well-being and morale of our library colleagues. This article identifies and discusses simple, informal, practical, and easy strategies that library leaders can use to support the physical, emotional, spiritual, professional, social, and mental well-being of their teams in remote and ...

The Way I See It

Aubrey Iglesias

Stop, reflect, replace

Renovating our foundation for inclusive participation

"As in many academic libraries all over the country, attracting and retaining people of color has been a continuous, uphill battle."

"It is a troubling reality that our current librarian ranks do not represent the communities served by libraries."

Sadly, both of these statements, from 2001 and 2003, still hold true today. Sustained attempts to lower barriers for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color), such as through residency programs, have not resulted in their long-term retention, and white librarians still make up the vast majority of degreed librarians. Now is the time to stop this cycle ...