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Current Issue: September 2019

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Mack and Draper

Assessment and social change

Empowering underserved students to reimagine their future through STEM outreach

Students participating in the workshop “Virtual Reality: An Introduction to Total Immersion,” presented by members from Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Using a STEM conference model is a method for creating social change among underrepresented student populations. Through outreach to local schools ...

Conference Circuit

Association of College & Research Libraries

ACRL in Washington, D.C.

ACRL programs at the ALA Annual Conference

Angela N. Spranger, lecturer in management at the Luter School of Business at Christopher Newport University and the principal/owner of StepOne Consulting LLC.

ALA’s 138th Annual Conference was held June 20–25, 2019, in Washington, D.C. More than 21,400 librarians, library support staff, exhibitors, writers, educators, publishers, and special guests attended the conference. ...

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Passehl-Stoddart and Velte

Capitalizing on short-term collaborative projects

special collections case study

Poster from the 1979 MosCon Convention.

After the University of Idaho (UI) Library Special Collections and Archives (SPEC) received an unexpected bequest of approximately 340 boxes of science fiction books and manuscript materials ...


Shorish and Hall

Creating the ACRL research agenda for scholarly communication

A move towards more equitable, open systems

ACRL considers the transition to more open and equitable systems of scholarship to be a core part of its Plan for Excellence. To meet this ambitious goal, the association’s Research and Scholarly Environment Committee (ReSEC) designs projects and work to meet a series of objectives. In the past, ACRL has seen the development of a research agenda as one way to successfully engage the community in its strategic efforts. Research agendas review an area of engagement, highlight work currently underway, and identify areas that require additional research to move the field forward. ...


Bigelow and Berube

Staying at the heart of the institution

The small college library as an event space

A group successfully completes the escape room activity. Director Susan Hansen as the “Mad Librarian” is in the background shaking her fist.

Libraries at small colleges, especially colleges with a nontraditional student population, face an uphill struggle to remain relevant in the life of the institution. Students at colleges like these tend to be adults who are already ...

International Insights

Mbambo-Thata et al.

Gender inclusivity and equity in academic libraries

Insights from around the globe

In order to draw attention to and learn about gender inclusivity and equity in the academic library workplace in a fluid non-binary gendered society, academic librarians and researchers from major world regions were invited to respond to the question: What are the three most significant issues that are impeding and the three most significant issues that are enhancing gender inclusivity/equity in your region? The regions included are Africa, Asia and Oceania, Europe, Latin American and the Caribbean, the Middle East, and North America.

To this end, a team of librarians at California State University-Fullerton ...