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Current Issue: March 2019

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Mailloux and Matthies

Going to the dogs

One college library’s program to encourage reading literacy

Young boy reading to a pug.

When the Casper College Library was approached by the Office of Student Financial Assistance to develop a reading literacy program, we jumped ...


Blakely and Mobley

While the campus sleeps

Two perspectives on the uniqueness of overnight library work

Nighttime at the 24-hour Georgia Tech Library.

Midnight, by definition, is a period of transition. It’s a quiet moment nestled between sunset and sunrise that universally marks the end of one day and the beginning of another. Most people are asleep at that hour, happily oblivious to this ceremonial passage of time, but we ...

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Perspectives on the Framework

Yoo-Seong Song

A glimpse into academic and research libraries in North Korea

Collaboration to bridge societies

Grand People’s Study House.

While many library researchers and practitioners, especially those who are interested in international collaboration, have sought to find ways to engage with the North Korean library system, it has not been fruitful due to the dearth ...


Rosenberg, Kettenring, and Diekema

Everybody’s publishing but me!

How a writing group can help actualize your publishing dreams

On any given day, one can go to the Chronicle of Higher Education and see a new article on the trials and tribulations of publishing and seeking tenure in academia. Anxiety inducing titles such as “Measuring Up” and “The Stress of Academic Publishing” reaffirm the notion that one must publish, or perish. While this type of pressure pushes some to success, for others, it makes it harder to write. However, you don’t have to travel this writing and publishing road alone. Inspired by the book Every Other Thursday: Stories and Strategies from Successful Women Scientists by Ellen Daniell, a small group of women academics and professionals in Logan, Utah ...


Orolando Duffus

The art and science of securing a job in an academic library

Landing your first, or next, position

While there are countless numbers of books, articles, webinars, forums, and courses that provide helpful tips, tricks and strategies to successfully navigate the academic job search and interview process, they may only slightly improve a candidate’s chance of successfully landing a job. This article, based on the author’s experiences, focuses on five factors that can make a significant difference in improving an LIS student or recent LIS graduate’s odds of success in landing a job in a research library. A study found that factors such as prior academic library experience (including practicums), professional service/committee work, and a ...


Cheryl Goldenstein et al.

Group interviews for a cohort hire

Lessons learned at the University of Wyoming

After several years of hiring freezes, the University of Wyoming (UW) Libraries received approval from university administration to recruit three entry-level librarians for our Research and Instruction Services (R&I) department. Staffing reductions made dedicated librarian support for disciplines unrealistic, so three traditional liaison positions were reframed as learning and engagement, student success, and instructional design librarians to align with the university’s emphasis on undergraduate retention. Library administration assembled a committee in January 2018 to conduct a triple search. ...