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Current Issue: December 2021

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Adam Chalmers

Getting up and running with virtual reality

Space and technology considerations

Layout of equipment in VLC without barriers between play areas.

The University of North Florida (UNF) Carpenter Library opened its Virtual Learning Center (VLC) in March 2021. The primary purpose of VLC is to enhance student learning and support faculty instruction using virtual reality (VR). ...


Puzier and O’Brien

No Pets on Zoom

Learning to apply parliamentary procedure in virtual meetings

L. Puzier, 2020, No Pets on Zoom: Parliamentary Procedure Program marketing image [digital image]. UAlbany Libraries.

Last fall, as we acclimated to remote work for the foreseeable future, the University at Albany Libraries faculty had an important matter to settle. A lively discussion ensued over Zoom as we took turns raising virtual hands. ...

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Hanshew and Alley

Confronting the beast

Using gamification in library strategic planning

The custom board from the first game. Photo by Adam Alley.

Strategic planning is a vital part of a successful library, academic or otherwise. The ability to anticipate and adapt to change in a planned way has been crucial in the library world as technologies have changed not just the way in which ...

Perspectives on the Framework

Brittany O’Neill

Authority is constructed and contextual

Empowering students to navigate privilege in academic publishing

For all the ways in which it has made our teaching better, the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education has also presented challenges for instruction librarians like myself. In particular, my colleagues and I have been discussing for a while how we have struggled to integrate the Authority is Constructed and Contextual frame into our information literacy one-shots.

In many of the classes we support, students are given guidance to seek out only established authorities and peer-reviewed journal articles for their research. These requirements meet the frame’s ...


Addy, Falbo, and Xu

Building a digital repository of assignments

A collaborative initiative

Librarians are often exposed to a wide variety of assignments through their work. Beyond applying their firsthand knowledge to better assist individual faculty members with assignment design, what role can librarians play in campus-wide faculty development programs? This article describes such an initiative at Lafayette College. The assignment repository—a collaborative project between the Center for the Integration of Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship (CITLS), the College Writing Program (CWP), the First Year Seminar (FYS) program, and the College Library—aims to archive and showcase excellent faculty assignments. ...

Scholarly Communication

Retno Sayekti

Applying the concept of rahmatan lil alamin in publication

A transdisciplinary perspective on scientific publication literacy and practices in Indonesian universities

The obligation to write scientific papers published in reputable international journals has become a source of pressure for most of the academic community in Indonesia, especially for those seeking promotions. This article aims to provide insight into how the concept of rahmatan lil alamin, one of the Islamic values, can be used as a basis for understanding and acceptance of these obligations, with or without government regulation.

The rahmatan lil alamin derives from Quranic verse that means ...