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Current Issue: May 2023

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Edward Gloor, Kevin Adams

Building community

DIY punk strategies for the library classroom

A crowd member sings for the band SPY with other audience members singing along at Convulse Records Fest. Photo credit: Copyright of this image is retained by Joe Lacey (@joexlacey) and used by the authors with permission.

Critical information literacy instruction requires that instructors enter into a community with students. A major challenge of library instruction is the limited amount of time that the students and instructor have to interact with ...


Laura Rose Taylor

2021 ACRL Academic Library Trends and Statistics Survey

Highlights and key academic library instruction and group presentation findings

Chart 1: Average US Academic Library Expenditures 2019–2021.

Each year, ACRL’s Academic Library Trends and Statistics Survey provides data that can help us understand how academic libraries provide and demonstrate ...

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Brendan Lenzner, Ed Sanchez,
William Fliss


Transforming manuscripts from The Lord of the Rings into a digital experience

Mobile version of exhibition kiosk designed for use on iPads.

For Tolkien enthusiasts, the year 2022 was one of great significance. The culmination of years spent digitizing and arranging Marquette University’s collection ...

Perspectives on the Framework

Liz Chenevey

Teaching the politics of citation

Challenging students’ perceptions

In many of my regular one-shot instruction sessions, I often ask students why we cite in our work. The responses are typically the same: to avoid an Honor Code violation, because plagiarism is wrong, to give credit. Sometimes I’ll hear “to find other articles.” All these responses are correct and valid reasons to cite. But I often feel like the idea of “credit” feels vague to students and that the consequences of not giving credit affect the person who should be citing, rather than the person not being cited.

So often students, especially undergraduates, are taught citations with the message: if you do not cite, you will be penalized. Students are threatened ...


Tina Griffin, Holly Beverley

Virtual LIS practicums

Student and supervisor experiences during COVID-19, part 1

Pre-professional fieldwork helps graduates pursue specialized library careers, addressing the well-documented experience barrier that many graduates lack. Because COVID-19 required remote learning, virtual practicums may continue, offering LIS graduates the chance to learn from experts and develop skills beyond traditional LIS curriculum. Virtual practicum benefits have been addressed in previous literature, but student perspectives are not usually included. In this two-part series, the student and supervisor describe challenges with their virtual practicum experience so others may replicate similar experiences.

Part 1 will set the stage ...

The Way I See It

Taylor Ralph

Approaching challenges to tenure

A fully remote librarian perspective

According to a large 2016 study, more than half of university librarian positions are granted nominal faculty status by their institutions, which includes a tenure or peer-review process.1 So, scholarship and service, along with the performance of regular job duties as outlined by a position description, are expected as points of consideration for the promotion of university or college librarians. Current literature on tenure-track librarianship includes, but is not limited to, both the professionalization and the de-professionalization of library positions, how generational groups feel about librarian faculty status, and the impact that racial identity and disability status ...