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Current Issue: July/August 2022

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Jennifer M. Brady, Susan Kromrie

Creating a self-paced library orientation and information literacy module

Providing access to library resources at the point of need

Fig. 2. Results of post-instruction quiz question on Boolean operators.

Southwest Baptist University is a small, liberal arts university in the Midwest with four campus locations. The information literacy program has traditionally ...


Esther Roth-Katz

One step at a time

Integrating the Companion Document to the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education: Social Work into an existing instruction program

Figure 4. Proprietary vs. Nonproprietary Sources.

The Smith College Libraries facilitate a robust instruction program for students enrolled in the college’s ...

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The Way I See It

Olena Skachenko

Unconquered Ukraine

The librarian’s thoughts out loud

Caption on the photo reads: ”Whoever you are now or used to be, lift up your hands and pray!”—Anastasiia Shevchuk

More than three months have passed since the Russian-Ukrainian war started. It is an unprovoked, full-scale, and murderous ...


Taylor Moorman, Kris Johnson

Academic partners with benefits

An alternative approach to a fee-based library research service

Libraries have been offering fee-based research services since the mid-20th century. These services are provided by all types of libraries, from public, academic, and health sciences libraries to historical societies and museums. Such services are often started after a specific demand for the service is expressed by an external constituent, leveraging the libraries’ research skills and expertise to generate additional revenue.

Fee-based research services are generally offered to nonprimary clientele and offered at an hourly rate. For academic libraries, nonprimary users may include ...

The Way I See It

Ginelle Baskin

Returning to librarianship after being a stay-at-mom

Challenges, experiences, and lessons

Early on in my librarian career, I decided to put my career on hold for a period of nine years while I stayed at home with my children. Once my kids were school-age, I felt ready to return to work, but I knew that a lot had changed in librarianship while I was away. Not only did I feel overwhelmed at the prospect of restarting my career, but questions ran through my head like “What am I qualified to do?” and “How will I get started again?” I didn’t know if finding a librarian job was feasible after all those years away. I wondered if I should consider working in another field altogether. Finding my way back into librarianship was complicated. In this article, I will discuss how I pivoted to refocus ...


Allie Ai et al.

The gift of compassion

A Listening Forum at Dartmouth College Library

Tools like Zoom and Slack helped to facilitate regular work during the self-quarantine period of the pandemic. However, stress was increasing among staff. The informal, everyday interactions among colleagues was missing, including the stress relief those informal interactions provided. A small group of Dartmouth College Library staff were inspired to explore a different avenue to help staff deal with stress and offered a Listening Forum. The goal was to actively listen to each speaker, not to respond with ideas, suggestions, or other forms of dialogue. It proved to be a special gift for participants. ...