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Current Issue: April 2021

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Jennifer Smith, Onnica Marquez

Kids in the stacks

Summer camp at an academic library

A ticket for the film premiere—the culmination of the camp.

It’s summer, and there are middle school students running around the university library. Why?

St. Ambrose University (SAU) Library held summer camps for 6th- through 8th-grade students in 2018 and 2019. The first was Digital Film Camp, and the second was National History Day Boot Camp. If you work in higher education, chances are good that you’ve heard about the campus demographic cliff and been charged with doing your part to address this enrollment challenge. ...

ACRL TechConnect

Kathleen Phillips et al.

Beyond the lab

Virtual reality for undergraduate Anatomy and Physiology students

Students using the Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset with motion controllers.

Current teaching practice in undergraduate higher education anatomy and physiology courses incorporates the use of various instructional methodologies to reinforce the anatomical relationships between structures. These methods can include basic hands-on physical models, human and animal dissection labs, and interactive technology. ...

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Jessica Kohout-Tailor, Lili Klar

COVID-19, collections, and collaboration

Promoting inclusivity from the ground up

Figure 1. Latinx Voices and Readings LibGuide from Clemson Libraries.

The promotion of a library’s resources often relies on using its physical space with physical displays. With COVID-19, many libraries are either not physically open or their services have been modified where there are ...


Diljit Singh

Learning from each other

The role of libraries in the promotion of international understanding

ACRL’s vision is that of a future where academic and research librarians and libraries are essential to a thriving global community of learners and scholars. In today’s world, no community can exist alone. We live in an interdependent world. We need to understand each other, cooperate, and work towards mutual benefits.

In such a context of interdependence, the current pandemic has shown that the COVID-19 virus knows no geographical or racial boundaries. The search for a vaccine to control the virus has also required a collaborative international effort. Businesses are involved in the import and export of products from many different countries. ...


Ornat et al.

Ain’t no party like a LibGuides Party

’cause a LibGuides Party is mandatory

Mock-up of the Department of Witchcraft and Wizardry subject guide.

What is currently on your librarian backburner? We’d be willing to make a few bets on the content of those pots growing cold. Maybe we would find a weeding project on pause, a draft of an article gathering dust, or that meeting agenda ...


Andrea Baer

Gently stretching to reach all students

Inclusive learning through scaffolding and flexible pedagogy

Being flexible and responsive to students’ unique learning needs is a powerful skill in any teaching context, but it is perhaps especially valuable in one-shot library instruction, when a librarian has limited time with students and is often meeting them for the first time. Because librarians frequently enter the classroom with limited information about a class’s dynamics and its students’ current understandings, abilities, and interests, we often find ourselves needing to adapt in the moment of teaching more than we would if we had a more extensive connection to that class.

At the same time that librarians are skilled in being flexible and adaptable ...