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Current Issue: November 2019

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Thomas and Lovelace

Combining efforts

Libraries as mental health safe spaces

Montage of art from the “Don’t Call Me Crazy” exhibition.

In the face of seemingly insurmountable, persisting problems, what is one thing that you could do to lift that burden in your own space, in your own building, or on your own walls? ...


Mross and Reiter

Partners in financial literacy

Outreach to student entrepreneurs

Promotional image for University Libraries Startup Week events at University Park.

In 2018, small businesses employed 58.9 million Americans, totaling 47.5% of the U.S. private workforce. Libraries often play a central role in helping people make their entrepreneurial dreams a reality by providing resources to support the research that goes into developing, running, and expanding small businesses. Public libraries are traditional resource centers ...

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Damschen and Rempel

Making research visible

A library competition for graduate students

Figure 1. Sample visualization using the erasure technique.

Graduate students have always been a core academic library user group. However, because undergraduates typically make up a larger percentage of the on-campus student body, the development of targeted library services and ...


Mack and Draper

Assessment and social change

Empowering underserved students to reimagine their future through STEM outreach

Students participating in the workshop “Virtual Reality: An Introduction to Total Immersion,” presented by members from Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Using a STEM conference model is a method for creating social change among underrepresented student populations. Through outreach to local schools ...

From the Archives

Ilene F. Rockman

Promoting professional development

A local approach

The professional development of librarians is increasing in importance as librarians once hired for their bibliographic competencies are now expected to engage in scholarly pursuits to gain reappointment, tenure, and/or promotion.

Libraries have interpreted professional development activities broadly to include active involvementin professional association work; presentation of papers; publication of books, articles, reviews, abstracts, and bibliographies; grant writing; consulting; research and study leaves; staff exchanges; and other contributions which enable one to perform at a higher level of proficiency.

ACRL TechConnect

Beech and Kowalik

From cradle to grave

The life cycle of a digital learning object

Figure 1: Screenshot of the tutorial.

Most librarians have probably experienced finding that a website they liked has disappeared, perhaps a video on YouTube, a tutorial, or even just an informative webpage. Sometimes the URL has simply changed, and the item can be found again. Other times the item has truly been retired. Without trying to track down the original creator or hosting body, we may never ...