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Current Issue: September 2022

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ACRL TechConnect

James Parrigin, Christopher Woodall

Sending our faculty to MaRS

The Materials Request System

MaRS login page.

The Salisbury University (SU) Libraries developed a hosted library materials ordering system in 2018 and has begun to survey discipline faculty users to determine enhancements that they recommend and are possible to enact.

Now, before we go any further, we would like to point out that I, James Parrigin, am not in a collection management or library technology unit. I am SU Libraries ...


Jennifer M. Brady, Susan Kromrie

Creating a self-paced library orientation and information literacy module

Providing access to library resources at the point of need

Fig. 2. Results of post-instruction quiz question on Boolean operators.

Southwest Baptist University is a small, liberal arts university in the Midwest with four campus locations. The information literacy program has traditionally ...

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Grace Simons, Cathy Mayer

Deploying Microsoft Teams

Support for onsite, hybrid, and remote staff

Figure 2. Channel notifications options.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced employers to embrace telecommuting. Now, as the pandemic subsides to a degree, employers continue to experiment with hybrid and remote work as a means of sustaining flexibility for employees. Many higher education institutions and academic libraries are in the process of providing guidance for hybrid and remote work ...

Scholarly Communication

Shilpa Rele

Open Access Publishing Fund (OAPF) at Rowan University

A look back at the last five years (2017–2022)

Rowan University has seen rapid expansion in terms of enrollments, undergraduate and graduate programs, and research activity over the last decade and has grown from a state college into Rowan University. It is a unique academic institution in that it is one of only three in the United States with both allopathic and osteopathic medical schools. Its acquisition of the Rowan School of Osteopathic Medicine and establishment of the Cooper Medical School of Rowan University were significant factors in the university’s research-intensive Carnegie classification R3 in 2017 and R2 ...


Celia Emmelhainz, Jennifer Dorner

Listening to historians

Using a listening tour to improve library support for foreign language researchers

As at many other libraries, the University of California (UC)-Berkeley Library’s budget has not kept pace with student enrollment. Yet our faculty and students continue to expect extensive research holdings and personal care. To improve our ability to meet researcher needs amid constraints, our team recently surveyed social science faculty on their use of foreign language materials1 and followed up by meeting several historians for a “listening tour” of their needs from a research library.

In this short reflection, we discuss what we learned from seven historians about their changing ...

Perspectives on the Framework

Veronica A. Wells, Michele Gibney, Mickel Paris

Student learning and engagement in a DEI collection audit

Applying the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy

In Spring 2021, the University of the Pacific conducted a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) audit of the library’s book and scores collections with eight student interns. This article provides a summary of the project and how we used the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education’s knowledge practices and dispositions to design the internship experience.

The University of the Pacific

The University of the Pacific is a small, private liberal arts institution ...