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Current Issue: February 2019

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Carliner and Everall

Playtime at Robarts Library

Opening a family-friendly study space at the University of Toronto

University of Toronto Family Study Space Robarts Library.

If academic libraries are sincere about their commitment to equity and inclusion, they must become more accessible for student parents—a large and underserved population whose members may also have other marginalized identities. Although accommodating children may ...


Blakely and Mobley

While the campus sleeps

Two perspectives on the uniqueness of overnight library work

Nighttime at the 24-hour Georgia Tech Library.

Midnight, by definition, is a period of transition. It’s a quiet moment nestled between sunset and sunrise that universally marks the end of one day and the beginning of another. Most people are asleep at that hour, happily oblivious to this ceremonial passage of time, but we ...

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Chisholm and Spencer

The displaced librarian

Providing research services to your campus without a library

Library staff transport course reserves and other materials from the Thun Library to another location on campus.

Penn State-Berks is one of 24 commonwealth campuses in the Pennsylvania State University (PSU) system. With around 2,800 students, it is a small, tight knit community, yet remains one of the largest campuses outside of University Park. ...

Perspectives on the Framework

Yoo-Seong Song

A glimpse into academic and research libraries in North Korea

Collaboration to bridge societies

Grand People’s Study House.

While many library researchers and practitioners, especially those who are interested in international collaboration, have sought to find ways to engage with the North Korean library system, it has not been fruitful due to the dearth ...

Scholarly Communication

Hoops and Hare

Library publisher resources

Making publishing approachable, sustainable, and values-driven

The Library Publishing Coalition (LPC) defines library publishing as the “creation, dissemination, and curation of scholarly, creative, and/or educational works” by college and university libraries. While providing a publishing platform, hosting, and services for editorial teams is key to any library publishing initiative, library publishing is also centered on furthering core library values. Thus library publishing activities are mission-driven, centered on education, and focused on finding and promoting sustainable approaches to open access publishing and building cooperative open infrastructure.

Micah Vandegrift and Josh Bolick capture this sentiment, stating that library ...


Laddusaw and Brett

Dyslexia-friendly fonts

Using Open Dyslexic to increase exhibit access

The title page of the exhibit guide in Open Dyslexic text format.

In two recent exhibits at Cushing Memorial Library and Archives, Texas A&M University, we made the decision to try to increase the level of access to both the objects and their explanatory texts, for patrons who suffer from dyslexia. One of our then-student workers, herself ...