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Current Issue: January 2019

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Laddusaw and Brett

Dyslexia-friendly fonts

Using Open Dyslexic to increase exhibit access

The title page of the exhibit guide in Open Dyslexic text format.

In two recent exhibits at Cushing Memorial Library and Archives, Texas A&M University, we made the decision to try to increase the level of access to both the objects and their explanatory texts, for patrons who suffer from dyslexia. One of our then-student workers, herself ...

ACRL TechConnect

Andy K. Taylor

Creating a knowledge-sharing community

The use and expansion of knowledge management at Tulsa Community College

Tulsa Community College Council and Committee SharePoint Site.

Knowledge management (KM) is a very nebulous term. Research on the use of KM across different types of organizations and disciplines confirms this. This article ...

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ACRL 2019

Meszaros and Koziura

Cleveland, Ohio

A land of libraries

Kelvin Smith Library at Case Western Reserve University.

Cleveland, like the rest of the state of Ohio, is a land rich with libraries. The greater metropolitan area of Cleveland alone is home to about a dozen academic libraries, two phenomenal public library systems, and numerous special libraries associated with our area’s ...

Perspectives on the Framework

Elizabeth Dolinger

Defining and teaching information literacy

Engaging faculty and the Framework

For librarians at Keene State College, the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education solidified moving away from one-shot instruction sessions and toward initiatives that would better integrate information literacy into the curriculum. This approach meant moving away from the idea that librarians must be teaching information literacy and instead adapting the idea that faculty within the discipline are best positioned to teach information literacy through their disciplinary context.

An important part of this transition was offering a series of curricular development workshops ...

ACRL TechConnect

Deardoff and Romero

From Python to Raspberry Pi

Celebrating Pi Day with data science

Biomedical sensors attached to the Arduinos from the 2018 workshop.

The University of California-San Francisco (UCSF) Library is a graduate-only health science university with four professional schools (medicine, pharmacy, nursing, and dentistry), a graduate division, and an academic medical center. For several years UCSF has been the number one public recipient of NIH funding, reflecting the ...


Mireille Djenno

Scaffolding the collection manager-instructor relationship

Partnerships for primary source instruction

Whereas the literature on incorporating primary sources into undergraduate education is large and growing, a sustained discussion of the relationship between the collection manager—be it librarian, archivist, or curator—and the course instructor is conspicuously absent. Unlike secondary source material, which can generally be accessed independent of collection managers (or any other gatekeepers), primary source material is often mediated, making it almost impossible for course instructors wishing to use these sources to bypass collection or repository personnel. ...