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Current Issue: September 2021

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Hackbart-Dean and Ray

Community engagement

Finding history where it lives

Project Team member, Pamela Smoot, SIUC Department of History, reviews papers at community event held in Colp, Illinois, 2018. Image courtesy of Mary Halstead.

An African American community activist and business owner was looking for an institution that would collect documents and assist in conducting oral histories from communities across Southern Illinois to “tell the story of the region’s African-American Heritage.” Southern Illinois University ...


Gilchrist, Li, and Toepfner

Streaming access in a fractured world

Designing LibGuides with student users in mind

Streaming Video Resources at the RLB Library.

Faculty in the University of Baltimore Division of Legal, Ethical, and Historical Studies incorporate multiple modes of learning into their course materials. For many professors, this means that films ...

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International Insights

Marcelo Rodríguez

A year on

Librarians monitoring COVID-19 in Latin America and the Caribbean

Monitoring COVID-19 in Latin America and the Caribbean project screenshot.

A year into COVID-19, the reality is that the Latin America and Caribbean region does not seem to be turning the page with regard to overcoming the pandemic. At the time of this writing, countries with previous low rates of infections such as Costa Rica, Uruguay, and several ...

The Way I See It

Christopher Cox et al.

Looking through the COVID fog

Toward resilient, reimagined libraries

Like so many facets of higher education, academic libraries adapted admirably when the COVID-19 pandemic began. Collections and consultations moved online. Books went contactless for pick-up, drop-off, and shipping. Events went virtual. Seats in the library spread out. Learning and research continued.

As COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed, it’s time to look to the future and understand which adaptations will remain, what trends will accelerate, and where progress may be on hold. Will libraries continue as hubs that bring together information, collections, technology, services, and spaces to support creativity, create knowledge ...


Kendrick, Leftwich, and Hodge

Providing care and community in times of crisis

The BIPOC in LIS Mental Health Summits

In mid-March 2020, the U.S. federal government officially recognized the COVID-19 Pandemic (coronavirus). As a result, the nation experienced a social and economic shutdown. The persistent public health emergency resulted in long-term interpersonal disconnections as people adhered to stay-at-home orders and associated pivots to remote teaching and working, while watching the development of an increasingly politicized response to the pandemic.

As the spring moved to summer, social justice and antiracism ...


Maoria J. Kirker et al.

Teaching Squares

Improving instruction through observation and self-reflection

Teaching information literacy is a mainstay of many academic librarians’ roles. How are librarians—particularly those teaching in one-shots or embedded formats—developing their teaching skills? Teaching Squares offers an opportunity for librarians to improve instructional skills, through collaboration with their peers.

Developed at St. Louis Community College and popularized at Stonehill College, Teaching Squares offers instructors “an opportunity to gain new insight into their teaching through a nonevaluative process of reciprocal classroom observation and self-reflection.” ...