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Current Issue: December 2017

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Danielle Mihram

The University of Southern California Voltaire Letters

A polymathic multimodal digital project

In spring 2015 one catalog record in the University of Southern California (USC) Special Collections came to my attention: Voltaire correspondence, 1741–1777. The correspondence consists of 30 original autograph letters and four poems authored by Voltaire ...


Eichelberger, Hagelberger, Smith, and Westfall

Signage UX

Updating library signs for a new generation

Like most college libraries, the Alfred C. O’Connell Library at Genesee Community College (GCC) struggles to find effective ways to tell students about upcoming events and new library services...


Sara Davidson Squibb

Be aware

Elevate your news evaluation: Emphasizing media literacy, one library’s initiative

The following article outlines the University of California-Merced Library’s unfolding news evaluation campaign, shares our strategies, and reflects on our efforts. The impetus for this campaign came when ...

Scholarly Communication

Shea Swauger

Open access, power, and privilege

A response to “What I learned from predatory publishing”

In June 2017, Jeffrey Beall published an opinion piece in Biochemia Medica titled “What I Learned from Predatory Publishers.” While there are several elements of this publication that I find inaccurate or problematic, I’m choosing four specific themes within his piece to critique. In the interest of full disclosure, I am Jeffrey Beall’s direct supervisor at the University of Colorado-Denver’s Auraria Library and have been since I began working there in July 2015. ...

Annual Report 2016-2017

Perspectives on the Framework

Russell and Hensley

Beyond buttonology

Digital humanities, digital pedagogy, and the ACRL Framework

There is a danger with digital humanities instruction of falling into the trap of buttonology. By buttonology, we do not mean the study of buttons, nor do we intend the derision of August Strindberg, who, in his story “The Isle of the Blessed,” coined the word buttonology to mock scholarly pedantry. Buttonology is, in its simplest terms, software training that surveys different features of an interface in an introductory manner. In a library one-shot, teaching the library discovery system or showing how to perform an advanced search in a database would be buttonology. Knowing how to upload texts into a tool like Voyant does not help researchers think about what texts ...