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Current Issue: November 2017

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Sara Davidson Squibb

Be aware

Elevate your news evaluation: Emphasizing media literacy, one library’s initiative

The following article outlines the University of California-Merced Library’s unfolding news evaluation campaign,1 shares our strategies, and reflects on our efforts. he impetus for this campaign came when ...


Eichelberger, Hagelberger, Smith, and Westfall

Signage UX

Updating library signs for a new generation

Like most college libraries, the Alfred C. O’Connell Library at Genesee Community College (GCC) struggles to find effective ways to tell students about upcoming events and new library services...


McGinn and Duever

We mapped it so you don’t have to

Comparing online data mapping platforms

At the University of Georgia (UGA) Libraries’ Willson Center Digital Humanities Lab, we often help faculty members and students create research projects using new digital technologies. We have limited resources ...


Hines, Huet, Ewing, and Freund

Team up

Collaborating with public relations students to promote library subject specialists

In fall 2015, a group of librarians, who are members of the Library West Creative Team at the George A. Smathers Libraries at the University of Florida (UF), sought new methods for effectively reaching ...


Meeks, Garcia, Peterson, and Vincent


Adapting the Framework to Studio Art disciplines

Because of its emphasis on knowledge practices and dispositions over prescriptive skills, the ACRL “Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education” resonates with subject specialist librarians who may have found it difficult to apply the ACRL “Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education” to their particular programs. For example, the research and corresponding library instruction that supports Studio Art coursework and artistic practice often looks very different from the methods used to conduct scholarship ...


Pendell and Schroeder

Librarians as campus partners

Supporting culturally responsive and inclusive curriculum

Diversity and inclusion initiatives are expanding on campuses across the United States. These initiatives can take many forms, such as the hiring and retention of diverse faculty, student recruitment ...