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Current Issue: June 2017

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ACRL TechConnect

Knies, Lynn, and Angel

Parallel lives

Two Penn State campuses launch 3-D printing

3-D printing is still a relatively new technology that is being used by a variety of disciplines. Many think of it as relevant to engineering and the sciences, but it is interdisciplinary and has uses that range from the humanities to health ...


Pun, Xiong, Ortega, and Nauk

Doing technology

A teaching collaboration between Fresno State and Fresno County Public Library

In spring 2016, the President’s Office at California State University-Fresno (part of the California State University system) offered grant opportunities for academic departments to create a community ...


Pruneda, Wilson, and Riedmueller

Writing on the walls

Engaging students through whiteboards

In today’s digital environment, connecting with students in a meaningful way can be difficult. Our recent whiteboard project at the University of Central Arkansas (UCA) was a successful way ...

Internet Resources

Robert Miller

Medieval illuminated manuscripts

Online images and resources

With their rich representation of medieval life and thought, illuminated manuscripts serve as primary sources for scholars in any number of fields: history, literature, art history, women’s studies, religious studies, philosophy, the history of science ...

Scholarly Communication

Jill Cirasella

Open access outreach

SMASH vs. Suasion

Some librarians became open access (OA) supporters because they were outraged—and budgetarily hamstrung—by certain commercial publishers’ artificially inflated prices. (We know they are artificially inflated, unjustified production costs because these publishers have jaw-dropping profit margins, higher than those of Disney, Starbucks, Google, and even Apple.1) Other librarians were won over to OA by its more altruistic aspects, by the promise of a world rich in knowledge. However, in their outreach to patrons, librarians cannot rely on the arguments that swayed them. What convinced a librarian to embrace OA may not convert a student, a faculty member, or an administrator. Therefore, librarians ...

The Way I See It

Laura Schwartz

When life becomes art

A librarian’s experience acting the part

In fall 2014, I was approached by a theater/dance undergraduate student who wanted to put on a play in the Fine Arts Library (FAL) at the University of Texas (UT)-Austin. Because we had done a variety of performing arts programming in ...